Exploring Around the World: Thailand

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What a fun and interesting country to explore! We started this homeschooling unit the same as all our others: finding the country on the map to discover which continent it belongs to. I printed the map on watercolor paper so the kids could paint their maps, as we labeled the surrounding countries and bodies of water.

Next, we learned about the Thai lotus flower. We used masking fluid to create a resist. If you’ve never used it, you have to give it a try! It is so fun to rub it off after painting to find the bright white paper underneath. I love these water color palettes! They are super affordable and great quality.

Up next is the Thai elephant! We found a really fun youtube video to watch about Poo Poo Paper – paper made out of elephant poop! The kids loved it, haha!

Lastly, we learned about the Siamese fighting fish, also known as the beta fish, which is Thailand’s national fish. We did a directed drawing and traced it with sharpie, then used color pencils to make them beautiful!

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