Exploring Around the World: Japan

by admin

We started our unit on Japan by finding it on the map and globe. We identified what continent it belonged to and which ocean surrounded it.

Then the kids painted the Japan flag, and labeled it “Japan is traditionally called the ‘Land of the Rising Sun'”. The next day, we learned about Mount Fuji, one of the most visited places in all of Japan! We painted these with acrylic.

We had to try our hand at origami! I watched a youtube tutorial prior to class so I could teach them how to make it. We read about the importance of kimonos in Japanese culture and they wrote a few facts in their journals.

Next up, the red crowned crane. We watched a great informational video about these beautiful birds and did a directed drawing using sharpies.

A unit on Japan wouldn’t be complete without learning about and creating cherry blossoms. We used q-tips and tempura paint for these.

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