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Art History Homeschooling

Exploring Around the World: Italy

My husband and I took the trip of a lifetime last month, to Northern Italy, for my cousin’s wedding. It was such a magical, romantic experience. Everyone should have it on their bucket list! The food was out of this world, and it was…

Art Homeschooling

“I Can Do Hard Things” Repurposed Art

We made mosaic collages today with our mantra for the year, “I can do hard things!” I am constantly encouraging these kids to never give up, even when things do not come easily. With struggle comes growth, strength and eventually confidence! 👊💪 Hope they…


Self Affirmation Art for Kids

To create these, I took a picture of each student and made them black and white. The kids created their backgrounds with chalk pastels, I love these ones, and designed them however they wanted. Then, they cut out their pictures, and added these affirmation…

Art Homeschooling

Jellyfish Art

This jellyfish art is sure to impress your kids, and they will have so much fun making them! All you need is card stock, glue, paint and salt. First, we drew our jellyfish on our watercolor paper and made sure to take up the…

Art Homeschooling

Learning About Birds – Rainbow Parrots

These have to be in my top five art projects of all time 😍 LOVE how these turned out. We have been learning about different types of animals and today we discussed the characteristics of birds. I found a simple drawing of a parrot…

Art Homeschooling

Learning About Amphibians – Symmetry Frog Art

Okayyyyy how cute are these guys?? 🐸 We’ve been learning about the different types of animals, and when it came to amphibians, I loved the idea of a symmetry drawing! Super easy prep. Just printed pictures and cut them in half! You could use…