Easiest Way to Teach Basic Hand Sewing to Kids

by admin

We had so much fun learning the running and whip stitch 🪡🧵 I am so proud of these kids! This is a hard skill for little fingers. We worked in 20 minute increments all throughout the summer and the final product was an on-the-go tic tac toe board! They painted little rocks to put inside their pouch.

Pegboard – Dollar Tree
Shelf liner – Dollar Tree or Amazon
String – Dollar Tree
Plastic and dull needle pack -Amazon
Embroidery thread – Amazon
Fabric -Joanns

I am not great at sewing, so I wanted to teach them in a very visual and simple way. The pegboards and the shelf liner worked out so great because they could easily see what they were doing. These, by far, made this learning process SO much easier for them. Was it still challenging for some? Absolutely! However, the large needles, think string, and see-through material really set them up for success.

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Would these tips have made it easier for you? Let me know below! 👇👇👇

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