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Bee-utiful Art: Learning All About Bees

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Welcome to our 🐝 BEE UNIT! 🐝

This was such a fun one, packed with stunning art and yummy activities.

The first art project was process art. Watercolor paper, paint, and bubble wrap were used to create the honeycomb background. Next, I used hot glue on a tissue box to make my own bee stamp.

Then, they had the freedom to color their bees how they wanted with pastels! The girls worked on these for three days. Love how these turned out!! 

 B.E.E.H.I.V.E.S 🐝

More masterpieces from the girls! 😍 We used cardboard and sharpies to draw our beehives. Then painted them and used pastels to create shading to give a 3D effect!

The girls got a chance to see what different bees look like under a microscope and we studied their anatomy. I got these slides on amazon, and there are a ton of different things included.

Of course, we had to end our unit with honey tasting! This pack I got came with four different kinds of honey (wildflower, berry, orange and clover) and the kids found the variety of flavors very interesting. The honeycomb was delicious, although most kids spit out the wax. Lastly, we created a hotel for our backyard bees! We used a can and filled it with sticks and paper straws.

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  • Reply Jamie Hayles August 14, 2023 at 4:03 pm


    I absolutely love the bee stamp project. I do have one question.. Did you paint the stamp with black paint, transfer to the paper and then fill in with sharpie??

    • Reply admin November 20, 2023 at 5:09 am

      Hi Jamie, So glad you love them! Yes so how we did it was I rubbed an ink pad on the hot glue template, transferred the template to paper, and then they traced with oil pastels! Have you tried it yet? How did yours turn out?

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