History Homeschooling

    Exploring Around the World: Japan

    We started our unit on Japan by finding it on the map and globe. We identified what continent it belonged to and which ocean surrounded it. Then the kids painted the Japan flag, and labeled it “Japan is traditionally called the ‘Land of the Rising Sun'”. The next day, we learned about Mount Fuji, one of the most visited places in all of Japan! We painted these with acrylic. We had to try our hand at origami! I watched a…

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  • Chickens

    See a baby chick hatching

    Trying something new! And utilizing those darn roosters we have 😆 We learned all about chick development today. We started off with candling a couple of our eggs. We were able to identify the…

  • Classes

    Summer Engagement Classes

    Join us for loads of fun this summer! Activities may include water play, STEM challenges, sewing, gardening, cooking, art and more. Engagement classes will be 9am-12pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays from June 13 –…