Valentine’s Day 3D Heart Art

by admin

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I loved doing this process art with the kids today! The contrast in mediums and texture turned out great.


Watercolor paper

bleeding tissue paper

tempura paint

paint brushes

chalk pastel

First step, I cut the watercolor paper in a square shape. Then I had the students cut the bleeding tissue paper into smaller square/rectangular shapes. I told them not to worry about getting perfect squares, or lining them up perfectly. White space in between would help create the desired checkered pattern.

Once they had all of their squares lined up, it was time to paint them all with water. After each square was saturated, we set it aside to dry. Once dry, we removed the tissue paper (should slide right off, no need to peel), then we painted our hearts with tempura. This thick, opaque paint contrasts so well against the whimsical background they created. Again, we set it aside to dry completely.

After the tempura was dry, we used chalk pastels to give our hearts a 3D look. Black for the shadow and white for the highlight. They turned out great!

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