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Exploring Around the World: Japan

We started our unit on Japan by finding it on the map and globe. We identified what continent it belonged to and which ocean surrounded it. Then the kids painted the Japan flag, and labeled it “Japan is traditionally called the ‘Land of the…

Homeschooling Science

Bee-utiful Art: Learning All About Bees

DISCLAIMER: The links used in this post are affiliate links, which means if you choose to purchase an item I may receive a small percentage. Welcome to our 🐝 BEE UNIT! 🐝 This was such a fun one, packed with stunning art and yummy…


Easiest Way to Teach Basic Hand Sewing to Kids

We had so much fun learning the running and whip stitch 🪡🧵 I am so proud of these kids! This is a hard skill for little fingers. We worked in 20 minute increments all throughout the summer and the final product was an on-the-go…

History Homeschooling

Exploring Around the World: China

To kick off our China study, we read the book Ping from Beautiful Feet Books. The kids really enjoyed this book. It mentioned cormorant fishing on a couple pages, and the kids had some strong feelings about it. After, we watched “The Art of Fishing…


Epic Backyard Playhouse

Since our girls were getting older, we wanted a place to spark imagination that would grow with them. They are all avid climbers, lovingly referred to as monkeys, so we wanted to incorporate a rock climbing wall and rope bridge. The Little Tykes slide…

Homeschooling How To

A Typical Preschool Day

I started homeschooling Brynlee right after she turned 3. Routine helped a lot, but “school” time was pretty short and not super structured. Lots of hands on, lots of visually stimulating books and activities. If you have older kids, your homeschooling day will look…

Homeschooling How To

Homeschooling 101: How to Get Set Up at Home

So you’ve decided to homeschool. AWESOME! I truly believe your child will be better for it. I was never homeschooled growing up, and I even pursued a public school teaching career. That all changed, however, once I became a mom.  I am so excited…