Super Simple Mess-Free Volcano

by admin

We’ve all seen them. The infamous exploding volcano experiments. I had never actually tried one, but when I stumbled across one that was done outside–MESS FREE–I was all about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am totally ok with mess and allowing my children getting messy in the name of learning and exploring, (what I unfortunately didn’t capture in this video were both my girls playing in the aftermath of the vinegar lava bubbles) but one less mess for this mama to clean up, the better.

All you need:

Glass jar

4-5 TBS Baking Soda

1 Tsp Dish Soap


Washable Paint (we didn’t measure, just dumped some in)

1 Cup (or more) of Vinegar

The one thing I love more than the fact that this sucker is mess-free, is that you can have a different color volcano eruption each time, just by adding some paint and more vinegar! We only used primary colors to keep the color as bright as possible, but it may be fun to experiment with others.

We have a ton of gravel in our yard, so it was the best and easiest place to to this. You could also dig a hole in dirt or use a mound of wood chips.

If there is any remaining paint on the ground, all you have to do it wash it down with a hose. Easy peasy!

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