Exploring Around the World: Australia

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Here are some of the topics we covered when learning about the country down under!

ULURU 🪨 Did you know Australia is home to the largest rock in the world? Located in the heart of the country, Uluru is 1.5 mi long, 1 mile wide and 1,142 ft tall! At dawn and dusk, it turns a vibrant red color 😍 The kids used masking fluid to outline and fill in their clouds. Aren’t they pretty?!
We learned about Captain Cook and mapped out his route to Australia. I burned the edges to make it fun for the kids.
We used acrylic paint to paint these cute koalas and outlined them in sharpie. The kids wrote facts about what they learned next to their artwork.

We learned about the aborigines and their infamous dot paintings. I cut out boomerangs from old cereal boxes and the kiddos used q-tips to create fun patterns.

We learned about four of Australia’s landforms: desert plains (Outback), coast, mountains, and rainforest. We used felt to create the landforms and described them below.

It was hard to capture the texture these coral reef paintings have in a photo, but they turned out so neat! I had the kids use combs, rubber stamps, palette knives and other tools to create their background, as well an additional painting. For example, one student created a textured painting while only using the color pink, while another used only green. Once dry, everyone was free to cut out shapes of fish, coral, sea weed, etc. from any colored paper they wanted. To finish, we added some sharpie details.

We finished up our Australia unit with an International Fair! A few local homeschooling groups got together and each family created an info board for a country of their choosing. The kids each got passports and received a stamp or sticker at each country. It was a great way to wrap up our study of down under!

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