Container Makeover in 3 Easy Steps

by admin
We all love extra storage, am I right? These containers are amazing for their functionality, but unless your stuff inside is organized beautifully, they aren’t very pretty to look at. These plastic containers are super simple to update. The cool thing about this tutorial, is you can apply it to a TON of things! Mod Podge is amaaazing.
Materials include:
Plain Plastic Container (Any one will work! Even a set of drawers would be fun!)
Fabric (I chose two contrasting patterns)
 Step 1: Lather up the container with Mod Podge, working in sections at a time.
Step 2: Lay the fabric over the Mod Podge and press out any bubbles.  On corners that are particularly difficult, spread Mod Podge on top of the fabric as well.
 Step 3: Cut out the fabric trim and lace, and Mod Podge those on as well.  And you’re done!
Wasn’t that easy?? I’ve also done this with kids shoe boxes!
Now you can go make your storage look more like art.  Happy crafting!
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