Our Chicken Coop

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Designing our chicken coop was so much fun! Okay, let’s be honest—researching on Pinterest for coops I loved was so much fun! I knew I wanted it to look aesthetically pleasing, yet be functional and easy to clean. This meant it needed to be tall enough to stand up in so I could shovel pine shavings, and large enough for 10 chickens. I also wanted to make sure we could access the eggs from the outside, and keep the nesting boxes low maintenance with easy-to-clean AstroTurf. We also made sure to put down a cheap laminate flooring so we could potentially wash the floors if need be.

Chicken coop foundation Chicken coop framing Chicken coop wall sheathing and chicken coop roof sheathing Chicken coop siding and roof Chicken coop door, roof tiles, and partial paint job Chicken coop diamond pane window Chicken coop decking

I told Matt my wish list for the chicken coop and boy did he deliver! I helped by digging trenches for the run. We put galvanized corrugated metal about a foot underground to keep away any predators that would try to dig their way in. Our predator list is pretty small considering we live in a Southern California suburb, but we have seen opossums and raccoons hanging around the chicken coop night.

chicken coop painted deck


I scored the glass-pane door for $10 at a yard sale about a year prior, and couldn’t quite decide what I wanted to do with it. Matt fit it into the design, and the girls love being able to peek in whenever they want. I got the diamond pane window at a flea market and the galvanized planter for free!

DIY Chicken Coop and Run


We love the way our chicken coop turned out!

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