Baby Chicks Explore the Outdoors!

by admin

We have had our cute little fluffy chicks inside for about 6 weeks.  They have outgrown the large dog crate brooder we kept them in, so it’s time to introduce them to their new home! We’ve brought them outside for short durations of time so they could explore and scratch around, but we were ready to fully transition them to the coop.


One thing to keep in mind when transitioning your chicks outside is how cool it gets at night.  You don’t really want to set up a heat lamp in the coop, as they can easily start a fire with all the dust present. We live in Southern California and it was early September when we moved them into the coop. It was still plenty warm for them. If it is cooler where you live, just make sure your chicks are thriving without a heat lamp before transitioning them.

They were still small enough to use the same waterers they had always used.  We did upgrade their feeder to a pie tin with a large empty coffee tin in the middle. This worked out great in preventing them from scratching the feed out too much or pooping in the feed. We set their food and water on wood boards to keep them off the ground, which also helped keep everything clean.

Our girls love their new home!

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