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Bringing Science and History to Life Through Art

These classes are geared towards 2nd-5th grade, with a one-room schoolhouse approach.

To get an inside peek of what to expect, check out my Instagram, as well as Exploring Thailand, Exploring India, Exploring Australia, Bee Unit.

Classes are offered weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 9am-12pm in Saleena’s home, located in Rialto, CA.

A semester-long commitment is required for each student.

Pricing Per Student

Each class is $35. Students are able to pay by the month or for the entire semester. A month with 8 classes, for example, would be $280. The entire 2023 fall semester has 25 classes and is $875.

New students will be required to pay a materials fee of $25, OR supply the following:

  • pack of watercolor paper
  • pack of glue sticks
  • watercolor palette
  • pack of pencils
  • pack of watercolor brushes.

Each student is required to bring the following materials that will stay at school for the remainder of the year:

  • One 8″x11″ spiral bound Sketchbook
  • Two composition books
  • A blank History Timeline book (any color is fine).

If you are interested in joining Homeschool Homestead for the 2024 fall semester please contact us with any questions or to be added to the waitlist. Please include information regarding name and age of your student, if you are enrolled in a charter school and intend to use funds. I am currently a vendor with Compass and Granite Mountain Charters.

Why these classes got started

Saleena received her Bachelor’s degree in Child and Adolescent Studies and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential at California State University, Fullerton. She decided to transition from teaching in a public school setting to becoming a stay at home mom when she had her first child in 2014.

As her daughter got older and Saleena had more children, it became clear staying home was where she wanted to be. She starting homeschooling her preschooler in 2018, and has loved it ever since.

Saleena noticed a lack of creativity and hands-on learning within the walls of traditional schooling, and knew other parents felt the same. After speaking with other homeschool moms about their struggle with teaching topics she loved, she felt called to start Homeschooling Homestead.

Here, she can share her love of teaching about the world and how it works (science), as well as discovering the people in it and why it’s important to know what they did (history). The best part? Students will get to exercise their creativity by using various art mediums to display their knowledge.

This learning approach is engaging, can be quite messy at times, and always fun. No teaching off of worksheets over here! Creating. Building. Experimenting. Learning. Growing. Exploring.

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