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Paper Cutter | Pros: Easy To use, fold out ruler, cuts mlitple pages

Magnetic White Board Clips | Pros: Aesthetically pleasing, strong enough to hold art work, great value

Eraser | Pros: Magnetic and don’t have to worry about losing it

Expo Marker | If you have a white board you need an expo marker

Scissors | Pros: Comfortable fit for hand, kids can use, holds an edge

Divider Bin | Pros: I use them as cubbies for students and they hold school journals, workbooks, sketchbooks etc

Whiteboard | The great part about magnetic boards is you can get magnetic marks, magnetic erasors, magnetic clips to keep life more organized <3

Pencil Sharpener | Have used it for a year in my school w/ ten kids sharpening pencils every Tuesday and Thursdays. Reliable!

Pencils | Bulk Pencils mean you will never run out when your kids leave them everywhere else besides the pencil holder where you want them to go, the amazon pencils don’t leave marks or tear the paper

Add On Eraser | These last longer than the pencil erasor and allow for the pencil to be utilized longer

Pens | Its a pen, it does right really smoothly

Colored Pens | While it is a pen, I love the color options and the ink lasts a long time

Laminator | I love my laminator, it was affordable, easy to use, compact so its easy to store

Laminating Sheets | This is 3 millimieters in thickness, this thickness works perfect for the homeschooling needs, if you need something thicker, you can get 5 mil in thickness

Stapler | These have been jam free, we a different one from swingliner that jammed so much, but this one has been great!

Rulers | You will never know how big or small it is unless you measure it

Paper Clips | I like that these come in two sizes, quality is good and plastic containers to store them

Chalk Markers | I use them on acrylic and chalk tracing boards

Globe | I like being able to show the students where places are, instead of on 2D flat surface- especially for my exploring around the world units

World Map Tapestry | Its lightweight, easy to hang up with magnetic clips, and when we are done with it we can fold it up and store it until next time