My Favorite Art Supplies

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Chalk Pastels | Pros: colors are super vibrant and easy for small hands to hold

Ultra Fine Sharpies | Pros: We use these all the time for tracing smaller details in our art

Sharpies | Pros: These are great for outlining and tracing art

Black Construction Paper | Pros: This paper is a good weight for art, we use this for any art that is portrayed at night, or we need a high contrast image

Soucolor Colored Pencils | Pros: Quality of the pencil is great, love the colored ends for easily finding what you need

Filana Beeswax Crayons | Pros: Easy to grip for younger kids with smaller hands, quality and color is much better than crayola

Sakura Oil Pastels | Pros: great quality, vibrant colors, easy to apply with little pressure

Acrylic Paint | Pros: very affordable for the variety, colors are bright and not watery like many “kid” paints

Masking Fluid | Pros: My students LOVE masking fluid! This is a must have in your art supplies. This one dries quickly and peels off easily

Paint Brush Set | Pros: quality is very nice, and love the variety in this pack

Watercolor Brushes | Pros: we use these all the time, quality is great

Watercolor Palette | Pros: Cannot recommend these enough! Super affordable, lots of color variety, and paint is vibrant

Watercolor Paper | Pros: affordable, nice weight, and comes in bulk quantity