$5 Pillows in 3 Easy Steps

I recently got a new rug for the family room.  What was there before? A green carpet remnant that we used to define our bedroom area when we lived in a pool house. Okay, okay.  It wasn’t a terrible green, and it was fairly soft…but I was ready for an upgrade! Once we got our new rugswoon–our pillows needed an update to match. I began perusing Target, World Market, even Home Goods, and they were all at least $20 a pop.  I sugared up my hubby to let me get the rug, spending $120 on pillows was not gonna fly.

I did find some pretty cool pillow covers at Hobby Lobby for $10 on sale, and I felt that was more reasonable, so I purchased one.

Now for the rest?  Enter: Five Below

Have you been to this store? Similar idea to the Dollar Tree, but instead everything is $5 or less.

They had some pillows, but more for middle school girls’ bedrooms (picture a wink face emoji and pink bulldog), than a family room.  Then I stumbled upon the rugs.  Great texture. Color palette spot on.  Relatively thin. An idea was brewing! Why not make my own covers? Here’s what I did:

Tassels are super easy to make. Just google or Pinterest DIY tassels and you’ll find plenty of tutorials

That’s it! Can’t beat $5! :]

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